what we do

The grind to get your project ideas up and running is not a walk in the park, but absolutely possible. At LITBERRY we bring the fusion of business and technology depth to redefine those vital processes that help your venture activities advance seamlessly, and deliver tangible value to consumers seeking an amazing digital experience that eases how they achieve personal goals.


In business, the bottom line is cost and safety. Mistakes arising from human error or human reliability can result in process failures, manufacturing down time, loss of life or physical injuries, facility damage and other areas that affect business costs. According to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), human error has been reported as being responsible for 60% - 80% of corporate or industrial crisis, which could have been averted or mitigated if a preprogrammed system was in place.
At Litberry, this is the kind of challenge we put ourselves to task with- designing and automating business processes. Our development team is vested with vast resources to build various specs of technology capable of simplifying the most complex procedure for businesses, in all industry sectors.
Solving business problems underpins our reality at Litberry Technologies. One of our competitive advantages is the ability to pull together the best resources to develop affordable Products that makes the ideas of our clients achievable in record time.
Platform products such as myevendor.ng and protraka.com are some of our development strides to deliver tech products that ease delivery of event services and automate procurement for organizations, respectively.
Our team of seasoned strategists and developers believe in the limitless possibilities of technology, and therefore are able to imagine and create deployable hardware and software products (in Education, Health, Agriculture, Energy, Finance, Insurance, Entertainment, Media, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Security, and governance) to meet the diverse needs for businesses and the civil society.
In the world of digital media Content is King. As the st2 1 century ticks on, more businesses and individual are going online to get better visibility and engagement from consumers for their products or services. This engagement depends on three key variables- Written content, Picture content, and Video content.
At Litberry Technologies, we understand the signicance of online engagement, and how a business lead can add to an organization's bottom-line if converted. Therefore, we approach every content development project for our client with strategic insight.
Whether you are reinventing your website, ramping up your social media engagement, packing a research, seeking a ting corporate prole, scripting a documentary, or positioning your products or services for digital marketing; our team of content developer retain enough creative juice to write, design, and produce thought-provoking and actionable content that deepens our clients' online footprint and convey a fresh perspective for their business deliverables.
Striving to maintain a decent pace in an everevolving challenges and changes brought about by customer behavior and technology can be like a whale out of water, especially for long-established businesses. Therefore, to compete with lightened advantage in delivering better service or product to customers, Digital Transformation become the strategic route to tow in adding scale to our client's vision.
At Litberry, we specialize in bridging the gap between the traditional way of doing business and engaging modern technologies to accelerate business processes for SMEs. Our team of brilliant professionals in Business Development, Programming, and Marketing, are capable of executing a total corporate system transformation that allows old businesses to access new categories of customers with technology.


At Litberry, we are obligated to disrupt the usual way of doing business. We invest our creative ability to design and implement causes and events that allow a community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders to make a difference, using the advantage of technology.

Whether for a startup entrepreneur or an established business looking to build products that positively impact the way we live, we provide a clear path to Ideating, Development, Proof of Concept, and Access to Market. Our approach makes it easy for ‘passion enterprises’ to nd clarity on their next move, with support and tools needed to make it happen.

Our Social Products development strides include; Peer-to-Peer Review System, Crowdsourcing and Crowd-funding Products, Innovative Information Product, Social Outreach Products.